Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mollie's 1st Letter - Companion, Rules, The Food

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Hey Peeps,
    After scrambling in here an hour late, I went to a room for a Spanish meet and greet. My companiero is Sis. Ferral. In Sara terms, we can be called the "feral Bow Man." (drawing of an archer).  So this is the first week to have younger missionaries at the MTC. I am rooming with three sisters who are all nineteen.

  My companiero, Hermana Ferral submitted her papers two days after the announcement! We are still in the compliment stage of "I like your skirt," but I think we will quickly move on. We have similar personalities - despite she being the oldest of nine siblings.

    Everyone here is very polite and the rules are pounded into you. A weird rule is that we are to study in only one room - so, at night we don't study our scriptures.

     My maestro, Brother Rodriguez, is from Peru. He is very patient with us. (He laughs at us when we pronounce things poorly.) Still- he is filled with energy and enthusiasm, and he uses his hands a lot. Somehow, it's not annoying or overbearing.

    I know Michele said the food wasn't so great, but I love it. They have Grapenuts, and we had spinach wraps for lunch. The air circulation in the gym is not very good, but it is well-equipped. Happy Christmas!


One of my mission leaders wears his collar like a vampire.

P.S. Alterations are cheap here!

It was snowing when I was dropped off at the MTC.