Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mollie #3- An MTC Christmas

~~Mollie received emails and in reading them had very little time left over for writing. She wrote me a note asking to have no one email her, but she would LOVE letters!
       We need to write through or mail her letters to the MTC at this address:
                                            Sister Mollie Elizabeth Bowman
                                            MTC Mailbox # 279 
                                            CHI-CONS 0226 
                                            2005 N 900 
                                            Provo, UT 84604-1793

Missionaries at the Provo Temple (Click to enlarge)

Christmas Devotional (Click to enlarge)

To family,
Where is your companion from?  Morgan, Utah
How long do you work out?   1 hr
Why don't they let you study except in the one room?  Don't know but it is the rule
What is a typical day like there? How many hours of study time?   Our whole day is scheduled for us from 7 am to 9 :30 pm
Did you get our box? Was the chocolate dome too melted?   The dome was fairly melted, I ate it anyways. The box was great.
    Christmas has been good. We had morning devotional with Elder Nelson and his wife. He told us to fortify people, to open their eyes and stop rumors. She told us to use our gifts to help overcome any weaknesses we find or have as missionaries. There were also some conversion stories from a couple of speakers and the MTC president spoke. I sang in the choir. The choir here is huge (larger than the Tabernacle Choir). It is a lot of fun to sing together.
     I was just playing the piano in the other room (Piano music would also be great). One of the girls in my room (Sis. Peck), received a tiny grow your own tree kit right before Christmas -so we grew a little crystal tree. Later, her mother sent her a small plastic tree. Lastly, her boyfriend's mom sent her stockings for everyone; we were all surprised.
       Last night, we snatched some cookies from the cafeteria. We then had cookies and milk and story time for Christmas Eve. Fun right? I really enjoyed it.  We've watched three movies the latest being...whatever that one that has Scrooge in it and then we ate popcorn. Spanish is going well. Our teachers our great- I mean really what can you say about studying? Tonight we're watching," It's a Wonderful Life. "
 People in my Room:
Sis. Peck- Very lovable. Receives six or seven letters a day. Very smiley- super sweet on another missionary (sighed and sank into her pillow after reading his letter, sweet).
Sis. Porter- The teacher calls her Sis. Potter, and we haven't the heart to correct him. She wears M&M pajamas.
Sis. Ferrel-  Very classy - her outfits always contain black, and she always wears tights. She has a purple set of tights, she hasn't warn yet. I really appreciate her attitude. Ex. (after I sprinted across the field on the temple grounds and back) "Mollie you look like you really enjoyed that. Would you like to do it again?" ( I looked ridiculous sprinting in an orange skirt on Christmas through 4 inches of snow) but she just kind of smiles and with a- never a care attitude- asks if I would like to go again. (Has a scarf similar to Sisterhood of Traveling Pants that she shares with four of her friends.)
Tell Sister Ator hello for me, and tell Sis. Ashby that the watch she gave me has been used every day.
                                                                                   Merry Christmas,

PS. I write on Tuesdays. It is better if you can have my letters printed and given to me.

Elder Nelson told us our job is to open eyes and fortify minds.
Sister Nelson told us to use our gifts and talents.

Sister Talanoa - our choir director.