Sunday, September 21, 2014

Riley #83 Torrance, CA - Minor Wreck, Reading the Book of Mormon by Christmas

                                                   September 1, 2014

Hi Everyone,
      Nathan and Jake: Green and say good luck to him from me.

   Yes, the spelling mistakes made it very obvious Mother wasn't the one typing. Also, thank Bowman and PopPop for the letter and candy. It gave me something to do when we're driving in the car. 
     So I'll explain...Luke Hsiao and his wife Sunny Chou served in the LA mission together. They went home at the same time and started dating after that.
      Transfers were uneventful for Elder Casey and me. We're both staying together in the same area, down in Torrance. 
    You don't need to worry about the minor wreck. Elder Casey didn't lose driving privileges, because it wasn't very serious. It only becomes an issue if the cost of the damage exceeds a certain amount.
      Do you know what city your friend, Charron, lives in? If he is in our mission we could maybe take him to a lesson. 

 Things have been good here. We found a couple new investigators this week.  We are going up to the temple visitor center on Wednesday. 
At the LA Temple last week
      Recently, our mission president gave us a schedule to read the Book of Mormon by Christmas. We are highlighting everything that references Christ. It has been really insightful in helping my understanding of the Godhead. 
     You still should watch Elder Bednar's talk. Really.
Hope all well's there. 
               Elder Bowman