Sunday, September 21, 2014

Riley #77 - Huntington Park, CA - Transferring Back to Palos Verdes Branch & Mandarin

                                               July 21, 2014

Hey Everyone,
   Argentina! That's awesome news for Jake!  That'll help with the families we were working on. About my release date, I should be back in either the end of December or early January, so we could maybe work something out if you come to California.
     Also, I have heard of an instance where a RM was able to visit his brother in the MTC, but I don't know if that is commonly allowed so that is something you'll need to figure out.
       I also have some small news. I'm going back to Chinese! Transfers are tomorrow!!! Oddly enough, I am going back to the Branch where I spent more than a year. I thought I might go to USC or UCLA ,since I've never covered those areas. It has been fun being in English, but I am happy I am going back. 
Ranchos Palos Verde - Going Back
     I feel like I've learned a lot from being here. It was really a great experience. I owe the members a lot here for the help they've shown me, and I've met some spectacular people. I can't believe I won't see them.
     It'll be interesting to see how things have changed in my previous area the few months I've been away. I am also going to be with Elder Casey again. We're both looking forward to it. He's a great guy and companion.

      I mailed off my package today. It is mostly clothes and paper, so please let it be until I return. I purchased a few new pants last week as well, because I needed to replace a couple so thank you. Also, the images for the insurance information didn't show, but the rest was good. I think the only things I lacked was the insured's ID and the employer's address.
I need some time for moving, so this is short.
              Elder Bowman