Sunday, September 21, 2014

Riley #74 - Huntington Park, CA - World Cup and Riots

                                            June 30, 2014

Dear Family,

     Thank you for pictures and emails. I worked really hard to take pictures this week, but forgot to after Monday. I did take some on Monday, but none with any of us in them. 

    We went to go hike the Hollywood sign again last Monday. What we didn't know was that the trail leading up there was actually closed. We found out once we got there. 
      I did take some while we were in the car - photos of places that looked somewhat important, but I don't know if they really are. We also drove past the Chinese Theater which looked cool, but I think it is only an actual theater. We didn't have time to look around as finding a parking place was super difficult. in the end, we abandoned our plans and headed back, but stopped by Daiso on the way, which made the whole trip worthwhile.

Pirate Guy
   It has been pretty crazy out here with the soccer world cup. There are a lot of Mexicans in this area so when Mexico was playing on Sunday, it was a little chaotic. They shut down a few roads in the area in anticipation of riots. There were helicopters overhead and fireworks going off all the time the night before.

The police came and arrested some of the fans.
 There were even people firing their guns into the air to celebrate at another missionaries apartment complex.

    I remember last year seeing the sign on LA buses saying, "What goes up must come down. Don't fire your guns on the July 4!!!"

Everything turned out all right, but I am not looking forward to the 4th of July. All missionaries will be in by 6 of course, but if it is anything like Saturday night was, fireworks will be going off all night. Gotta get earplugs!

          Elder Bowman