Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mollie #53 - La Marina, Chile - Halloween, Christmas Box, Do Not Doubt Your Angels

                                                          November 5

       Ashlyn's wedding pictures are lovely. She is so pretty. I like her dress, too.

     The Santos photos were fun! The Santos family will always be the same. I don´t think they have changed since they were born. Goofy and fun, with lots of energy. I remember Brother Santos's birthday where we wore masks of him on sticks. He's getting old. :)  There is a sister here called Hermana Merchant, and she reminds me a lot of Gigi. She is a fantastic missionary, and everybody loves her. She is just fun to be around and has a positive, spunky personality.

    There was something I wanted from home, but I can´t remember what -  Oh yeah sharpie pens - that would be great. They don´t exist here, and I have a great fear of losing the two I have that I use everyday. Ohh and makeup! It is ridiculously expensive here -  like $16 for a tube of mascara . Not a lot of makeup, just a little makeup, Mother. Gold tone smoke eye makeup and eyeliner and mascara, if you can. I think that is all for my box.

    Things that happened this week? Well, Halloween! Here it is considered a holiday of the devil kind of like some of the Christians in Florida and Texas - But we a had a fiesta of the sombrero - aka everyone makes their own hat. The youth here went on a zombie walk . It is when a group of people get together in zombie costumes and walk from one side of town to the other. It sounded like fun, and I kind of really wanted to go.

   I am organizing everything. That has been the main goal of the week. The sector is old, and our binder is full of papers it has hundreds of papers. It is very disorganized. I am making a new plan of attack for the sector. We have a mission leader, whom is new, and we are trying to plan out how to best work with him and with the ward missionaries.

 Giant white girl in the middle

Spiritual Thought
    Know that you are kept by angels. Your family draws near to you and watches you. Their hearts fly to you when you are sad. They feel joy for every good decision you make. And, they feel sad for those moments when you disregard your person. They whisper in your heart and in your ears supporting and strengthening you. Trust in them and you will be filled with light with peace.

   Do not doubt your angels, your family, they are here for you to support you.

D&C 84:88 And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.

Love you all lots!
            Hermana Bowman

For Riley 

We are working on finding people by 'fishing.' It is when you don´t go to the people but stay planted in one spot and let the people come to you. 

We have a lot of activities planned. Things like a puertas abiertas. Or open door activity where we have a tour of the church with a giant human sized book of mormon and bible in front of the church made out of cardboard. and a baloon arch.
It is planning ahead of time. With a new cambio we have lots of oportunities to plan

For Mandarin maybe you can try to work through the English-Mandarin school programs that they have. Offer tutoring for children or talk with the education system to see if you can volunteer to help native Madarin-speaking children learn English.  
Ask the city for a service project that your ward can do. we are missionaries and represent a congregation of about 60 adults or for the youth, etc. What can we do.

Love you lots,

Your Sis

Aunt Molly Rd - Princeton, NJ

(Re: Michele sent Mollie photos of Aunt Molly Rd)

Aracucarias Tree

My road would have lots of trees. Our sector has 6 trees that are more than 2 stories. I counted. Half of them are araucarias. Look it up! They are pretty cool!