Saturday, November 16, 2013

Riley #41 - Lomita, CA - Numbers are going up, Thanks for the help

                                                           November 5

Dear Family,

    Thanks for the addresses. We definitely will look into it, any idea helps. I am not sure about a story time - how to set it up or what the purpose would be. I can't watch the video either, as YouTube isn't an approved website.

    We have some more ideas coming along and are definitely open to more. Things are moving a little slower with the holidays coming up, but things are still progressing. We are finding more people to teach and finding ways to serve.

    Elder Bergeson's departure is coming up and we are expecting a ton of people to come to the departing missionary fireside before he goes. Chinese school is also going well. It is great being able to go. Not only do we serve and make connections with people, but we also get to learn Chinese as we listen. Also, it gives us the chance to develop a different set of skills.

     English class had a few new people come in last week. We still need to teach it better I feel as well as improve our advertising. Although we feel like we are quickly exhausting free advertising opportunities, we are still thinking of how to get the word out to the interested.

We also are starting to think about the holidays and what we can do for around Christmas.

We should be getting more Chinese missionaries in the mission soon, probably this week or next week.
Can you confirm Race Davies email address for me?

Thanks for everything.

              Elder Bowman