Sunday, February 2, 2014

Riley #51 - Lomita, CA - Preparing for Chinese New Year

                                                                                       January 20, 2014


     Thanks for the video from Statler. Glad that Elder Burr's mother was able to contact you. Now if I am not able to write you can just ask her what Elder Burr wrote. Just kidding!

      Thanks for Mollie's letter and Michele's blog. The pictures were great. I really liked Michele's entry on being a mom.

     This week was pretty busy. It rained ash one day. Apparently, there was a fire in the mountains of the mission next to ours so we woke up to a brown sky and an orange sun. Small pieces of ash were floating around us. It was a little concerning at first, but had stopped by noon.

     We also took our newly baptized members with us to a lesson for the first time. They were a great help and really want to help others. They mentioned the responsibility they feel now that they are baptized.

     She said that she knew what was right before, but after being baptized she feels like she has a greater responsibility to do what's right.

      He was really excited to receive the priesthood last Sunday. Because of it, he said he looks at people differently now whether it be at work or anywhere. He feels like it is his responsibility to not only help them, but also to help them receive the gospel.

     We are inviting everyone to the Chinese New Year's activity. We did a practice for the Lion dance Friday. It totally killed our legs. You have to pretty much walk around doing squats so we were pretty tired. I was in the back and Elder Burr in the front. The front is a lot harder because you also have to hold the head and perform. All I have to do is follow him around.

              Elder Bowman