Saturday, May 18, 2013

Riley #17 (Quick note) and #18 - Torrance, CA - PDay at the Beach!, Hollywood Sign Hike, English Class

                                                 May 6

   I am at a Staples right now typing this on one of their display computers, so I don't know how long I have. We had to go to the mission office this morning and the power was out there, so we don't really have a computer to use. We have a lesson up in UCLA this evening, so we weren't planning on returning to Torrance until late.

   We had Zone Conference this week. The theme was "C" - Commitment, Change (we're getting a new Mission President), Consecration, Correct Choices, etc.

This is our zone - The Peninsula Zone (Click to Enlarge)
   English class is going well. We got some of the material they use in the Taiwan, Taizhong mission for their English class, which has been a great help in deciding how we are going to organize ours. We are hoping to finish all the preparation for it this transfer, so we can start another class in Culver City by next transfer. Elder Casey did some graphic design before his mission, so he is going to help us in designing material for the class. 

    As part of service this week, we helped out at Chinese school. They were having a festival this week, so there were lots of Chinese people and Chinese food. We tasted a sausage that tasted sweet and some stinky tofu. The sausage was great, the stinky tofu all right. We were told it is an acquired taste. 

                                                                                        Sorry so short!
                                                                                         Elder Bowman
                                                                    May 13
Hi Everyone!
  I have only a little time to write because we have dinner soon. Fortunately, I got to talk to you yesterday, so you should already know what we have been doing.

   Today was Beach P-day. Once a year, we are allowed to go to the beach. We played volleyball at the top of beach. It was still nice to see the ocean and hang out there with everyone.
This is the missionaries in our zone - The Peninsula Zone   (Click to Enlarge)

Elder Bowman with his companions - Elder Tsaio and Elder Casey

 Last Monday was really hectic, which is why the letter was short. We had planned to go up to Santa Monica all day and work on building our English class textbook. However, the power was off at the mission office so our plans to work all day were ruined and we were left with nothing to do. We had no choice but to spend Preparation day like most missionaries do, that is doing something fun. So we hiked up to the Hollywood sign which was pretty neat. It really was nice to get away from the city for awhile and enjoy the fresher air.

   We have been working on building up our English class all week. It really is probably our best way to find people who are interested in the church. I am ending up doing a lot more typing than I ever thought I would do on my mission. We have been making an electronic copy of all our material, with the Mission President's approval of course, so that we can print a teacher manual for each English class location. We are nearing the end and have started wondering what else we can work on after we have English class running smoothly. It is a great resource, but there is still more we can do.

I really loved talking to everyone. It was pretty funny, too, especially when I told Michele about eating the goose with the head still on it.


Elder Bowman